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My personal pages explore something of the interests and activities that have filled my life.

It is only a snapshot and really only represents a few of the things I have discovered you can do with a computer (the main thing I have learnt is that as soon as I get the hang of how to do some clever trick Microsoft or Macromedia include it as a simple button click in their next release!)

Do come back to visit again because I aim to provide more dynamic ways of presenting the information included as well as regularly adding new pages
including pictures from the Tour of Britain Cycle Race as it passed Guildhall and Kirkconnel at the end of August
Click here for the Pictures

So what will you find on each page?
  • Buildings and Beings lets you access a few notes I have written at various times (I try to keep them nearly up to date) about community development and planning issues
  • Barras and Biodiversity represents my interests (I did biology and ecology at college) in urban ecology and in the role of policy in the environment
  • Bugs and Bings tells you something about the ecology around he community I live in (Kirkconnel in Dumfriesshire)
  • Boats and Birds does not have very much yet because much of it comes from my early life (pre computers and I haven't translated it yet) but is concerned to explore what you can see of wildlife from a small boat
  • Boots and Beer provides a small compendium of walks you can take before finishing at a pub that serves excellent beer (they are all in Dumfries and Galloway)
  • Bikes and Bi-ways tells you about a cycle journey from Glasgow to Skye
  • Brushes and Bottles introduces you to a few art works by friends of mine who also generally like to drink when not splashing paint around
  • Bits and Bytes lets you laugh at the computer skills I have acquired by showing you a few games and other things I have devised (usually by copying the work of others!)
  • Brawn and Bread takes you to my 'professional' web pages (Please feel free to recruit my services, they are reasonably priced and not as much in demand as I would like!)

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'I am one of the blind alleys off the main road of procrastination'

These pages have been assembled to represent some of the interests and knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

If you would like to comment you may email me (below)

Enjoy your visit
Ed (aka. Basil)

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