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In my wanderings around the South West of Scotland I stumbled across Criffel Ale produced by the Sulwath Brewery. This page gives you the opportunity to take a few walks in the countryside of Dumfries and Galloway and to deserve your pint of Criffel Ale in pleasant surroundings at the end of your walk. Originally they were written to allow you to find a pint straight from the barrel. The challenges of storage mean that these days you are more likely only to find it in the bottle. But worth the walk none the less.

The Sulwath Brewery used to be based at Southerness on the edge of the Solway Firth, but has now moved inland to Castle Douglas, where they have a Visitor Centre on King Street. I know from experience you will be made most welcome if you visit. The Brewery began in 1996, and, in my view, produces two of the best Real Ales in Britain.For the 'technically livered' I shall quote from their publicity :

Criffel "is an Imperial Pale Ale (amber in colour) using 'Nugget' hops, with 'Goldings' and 'Fuggies' for heightened aftertaste and aroma, to produce a distinctive 4.6% ABV.

Knockendoch is a darker, copper coloured brew reflecting an increased roasted malt content. Initial reaction is the flavour of deeply roasted malts with a delicate overlay of 'Challenger' hops -5% ABV.

The names derive from the twin granite hills, Criffel and Knockendoch, that overlook the Solway and are the dominant feature of the landscape from Gretna to the Mull of Galloway.

Cuil Hill is a pale amber, light and refreshing summer or session ale which simply bursts with the fresh tastes of malt and hops. This allied to it's pleasant aroma, is guaranteed to quench the most thirsty palate, yet leaving you with the desire to explore it's full flavour with a hint of bitterness, again and again.

Our first walk will take you to the top of both. Other walks will take you around some of the best of the South West of Scotland. There is no better way to enjoy a good beer than after a good walk.

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