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Boats and Birds


For exploring interesting coastal habitats a small dinghy (or a canoe) can have many advantages over a big cruiser or motor boat.This page will join me in excursions to the ecology of the British coast (and wider afield if I ever get there!)

No Harry Potter for me, I was brought up on a bibliographic diet of Arthur Ransome and Tove Jansson where the magic lies simply in the seas and the shores around us.

If that was not inspiration enough I picked up H.W.Tilman who taught me that 'comfort should not be expected by he that goes awandering', but being impecunious I had to follow closer to the example of Frank and Margaret Dye and potter around in a battered wooden GP14.

These little notes were originally conceived for a yachting magazine but Penthouse offered me more for an article about 'the sex lives of the animals' so these notes have never before seen the light of day.


'Beyond the clouds, beyond the waves that roar,

There may indeed, or may not be, a shore'


These pages have been assembled to represent some of the interests and knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

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